Corporate Responsibility

Randall Orchard Construction Ltd are committed to continually improving our performance as a socially responsible company and work with our staff, our clients, subcontractors and suppliers to maintain this approach.
As our activities are not carried out in isolation, it is our responsibility to consider the effect we as a company and individuals have on the wider community and other stakeholders. As an SME we are able to react quickly and work closely with our partners and the communities in which we operate to minimise the impact made by our presence. We do this by conducting ourselves in a professional manner, ensuring we are approachable, understanding, reactive and ethical.
Randall Orchard Construction’s core values are reflected in our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility ensuring that these beliefs are conveyed directly to our clients, employees, supply chain and those people living and working amongst the places in which we are contracted to work.
Personal Development is recognised as fundamental employment right and we work with our people, local businesses, public bodies and private companies to maximize the potential of our workforce by way of professional and personal development both in terms of qualifications, management and behavioural courses.
We are immensely proud of our people and of the unique contribution each and every one of them makes to the ongoing success of Randall Orchard Construction Ltd. As a team, our people demonstrate how the commitment to a common vision can achieve the most ambitious of goals. They are recognised and rewarded for all that they do and, justifiably, are proud to share in Randall Orchard Construction Ltd.’s success.


We believe that it is important to contribute to the wider community and to take responsibility for the impact we have on society, through our work practices, our business and our behaviour.
Working together with our employees, clients, partners and stakeholders, we are able to make a positive, sustainable impact and help to engage the people around us and benefit them where practicably possible.
We encourage all of our team to become involved in the local community – from sharing business experience with local students, supporting local charities and events and volunteering for construction activities in the community.
Enriching local commerce is always a principal objective of any new contract and we will, wherever possible, strive to give employment opportunities to local people and select local businesses to become key supply chain partners.


Randall Orchard Construction Ltd will implement practices that promote economic security, social betterment and environmental stewardship, and will strive for continuous improvement of performance in these areas.
The projects we undertake can have a significant lifetime. Throughout this lifetime anything we construct will have a major impact on the environment around it.
Construction and its related activities have a potentially significant environmental impact. We have a responsibility to manage and minimise this impact.
Where we work in the heart of communities we have a responsibility to act in a way that is considerate and takes into account the views and opinions of local residents. We also recognise the opportunity to enhance their facilities and surroundings, and contribute to the local economy through employment and other opportunities.


We acknowledge that our success depends heavily on the skills and commitment of those we employ. We have a responsibility to promote and develop the skills of people within our business and those wanting a career in the Construction industry.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of our employees and those that come into contact with our activities is of utmost importance. We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for our employees, subcontractors, customers and other people visiting our sites and premises.